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A Michigan fish that was – the Arctic Grayling

[caption id="attachment_5024" align="alignright" width="300"] Jim Mogen / U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service[/caption] Have you ever heard of the Arctic Grayling? Before the abundance of brown trout and steelhead in Michigan’s rivers, this fish with the large dorsal fin is the one that anglers dreamt about. And it’s...

Conservation Agreement Success: Cecilia Vanderbout

Cecialia Vanderbout Protects Her Family Farm One of the last and largest fragments of family farming in Plainfield Township, Kent County was preserved by the Land Conservancy in December 2006. Cecilia Vanderbout created a conservation easement that permanently protects her 33 acres of the once expansive...

Conservation Agreement Success: The Byams

The majestic hemlocks towering over the creek that meanders into Muskrat Lake have stood like sentries for decades. Now, thanks to the generous creation of a conservation easement by Jeff and Anya Byam, this beautiful forest will be protected forever. Located approximately a half a mile...

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