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Randi Ford paints nature’s spirit

Randi Ford’s unique paintings feature wavy brush strokes and repeating patterns. The patterns add movement to an otherwise representational naturescape. They bring an underlying spirit to the surface, making a static scene come to life. [caption id="attachment_15616" align="alignright" width="438"] Randi Ford. Image: M-Buck Studio, LLC.[/caption] Ford calls...

Yolanda Gonzalez translates nature into design

Yolanda Gonzalez frequents natural areas seeking inspiration close to the earth. Rather than landscapes, she prefers to study individual plants and insects for their unique intricacies. [caption id="attachment_15564" align="alignright" width="404"] Yolanda Gonzalez. Image: M-Buck Studio, LLC.[/caption] “I love to get really up close and personal to whatever...

Thomas Hegewald’s images tell stories

[caption id="attachment_15531" align="alignright" width="450"] Thomas Hegewald pictured at The Highlands. Image by Thomas Hegewald[/caption] During a tour of a Scotland nature preserve in 2018, photographer Thomas Hegewald witnessed first hand the healing effect restoration projects can have on a landscape. The land he was touring had...

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