• Maas Family Nature Preserve

    Maas Family Nature Preserve

    Maas Family Nature Preserve is a popular stop-off point for users of the White Pine Trail, particularly in May and June when the purple lupine is in full bloom.

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  • Saugatuck Harbor Natural Area

    Saugatuck Harbor Natural Area

    Hiking trails loop through the dunes, around wetlands, and along the Lake Michigan shoreline, offering scenic views at every turn. At the beach, look for migratory shorebirds including gulls, plovers, sandpipers, and terns.

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  • Support the Land Conservancy

    Support the Land Conservancy

    Help keep nature nearby in West Michigan with a year-end gift to the Land Conservancy.

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Keeping Nature Nearby

At the Land Conservancy of West Michigan, we work to keep nature nearby and help people protect, enjoy, and care for natural land in West Michigan. We conserve land by creating public nature preserves, providing support to communities and local governments creating natural areas, and helping private landowners protect their own land.


Working with families & communities to protect the land close to their hearts


Providing training and tips to help people become better environmental stewards


Offering natural places for the enjoyment of residents and visitors to West Michigan

Help protect and care for the forests, streams, and prairies throughout West Michigan
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Pere Marquette Wild

One of Michigan’s iconic and wild rivers is in peril. Uncontrolled development along the river presents numerous threats to the health of the river and wildlife that depends on it. These threats include pollution, stream-bank erosion, invasive species, and other issues that put the wild and natural qualities of the river and the watershed in jeopardy. We believe there is a solution.

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The Highlands

The Highlands is a collaborative project between the Land Conservancy and Blandford Nature Center. It is located in the heart of Grand Rapids at the former Highlands Golf Club and is currently undergoing planning and restoration.

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With the sweep of a brush or click of a camera, a moment and a place in time is preserved. It is through art that we understand the past and inspire the future. And it is through conservation that the special natural areas that surround us in West Michigan are preserved forever for future generations to visit and enjoy. Through Preserved!, the Land Conservancy of West Michigan partners with local artists to raise awareness of the importance of conserving West Michigan’s natural areas.

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Flower Creek Dunes Addition

Recently, an incredible opportunity arose to expand the current Flower Creek Dunes Nature Preserve preserve, more than doubling its size, by acquiring the adjacent property along Flower Creek. The addition would add over 900 feet of Lake Michigan frontage and another 17 acres of dunes that support the federally threatened Pitcher's thistle as well as the endangered Piping Plover along their migration route.

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