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Diversity Statement

The Land Conservancy of West Michigan recognizes that fostering diversity and inclusion creates an atmosphere where all individuals are recognized for their uniqueness. Our passion for preserving and protecting land seeks to provide individuals of all races, religions, ages, genders, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, medical conditions or disabilities, with access to nature in West Michigan, and encourages engagement for all and the exclusion of none.

From an organizational perspective, the Land Conservancy of West Michigan promotes an inclusive environment that values and encourages diversity at the volunteer level, on our staff, and on our Board. We continually strive to increase that diversity and are committed to ensuring this philosophy is embodied in the very fabric of our organization.

From a strategic perspective, the Land Conservancy of West Michigan’s values include active engagement of people through urban, suburban, and rural conservation, and specifically encompass initiatives that reach underserved or at-risk populations who might not otherwise have access or exposure to the well-established benefits of nature.

We understand that true diversity is a journey, not a destination, and the Board and staff of the Land Conservancy of West Michigan are committed to the diligence, persistence, and intentionality required to make that journey a success.


Restrictions may be placed on gifts by the donor for specific programs, purposes, or length of time, provided that such restricted gifts are consistent with the mission, purposes and priorities of the Land Conservancy.

The Land Conservancy will endeavor to honor donor intent and use gifts consistent with the stated purpose. If the original purpose for a gift can no longer be fulfilled, the Board of Directors retains the authority to re-purpose or un-restrict a gift consistent with the mission, purposes and priorities of the Land Conservancy.

The Land Conservancy will not accept gifts that are too restrictive in purpose, including, but not limited to, gifts inconsistent with the mission, purpose and priorities of the organization, gifts that violate its governing principles, or gifts that are too cumbersome to administer.

Gifts restricted by a donor’s ongoing control are not eligible for a charitable deduction under the Internal Revenue Code, and shall not be accepted.
Please contact the Land Conservancy for a complete copy of the Gift Policy.

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