Artist Interview Series

Interview with Susan Rose

PRESERVED! Artist Interview Series Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is a place that feels too beautiful to be real. It’s nestled in the heart of the Teton Mountains, where the majestic snow covered peaks carve the endless blue sky. There’s a purity to the wildness here; wind whistles through

Interview with Justin Kellner

PRESERVED! Artist Interview Series There’s something timeless about Justin Kneller’s paintings. They are reminiscent of childhood, in some way, meandering through an expansive, quiet wood. Much of the canvas features nothing but colors scraped across its surface, imparting upon you a tangible mood of venturing deep into

Interview with Michael Pfleghaar

PRESERVED! Artist Interview Series It’s a comfortable evening at Maas Family Nature Preserve. In addition to a group of volunteers tasked with clearing a new trail, there are several Preserved! artists scattered throughout the prairie, trying to capture the last bloom of lupine flowers in the golden

Interview with Kathy Mohl

PRESERVED! Artist Interview Series Kathy Mohl is standing beneath a grove of black cherry trees at Maas Family Nature Preserve and the late afternoon sun filters through the fluttering leaves and gnarled branches. The piece she is working on is a plein-air painting, full of warm browns

Interview with Randi Ford

PRESERVED! Artist Interview Series Art was always nearby for Randi Ford. “Originally, when I was growing up, I was into the musical arts.” she says. “My grandma was a painter, and my father was an architect and product designer, so I had some artistic background. But it

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