Artist Interview Series

Randi Ford paints nature’s spirit

PRESERVED! Artist Interview Series Randi Ford’s unique paintings feature wavy brush strokes and repeating patterns. The patterns add movement to an otherwise representational naturescape. They bring an underlying spirit to the surface, making a static scene come to life. Ford calls her works “flow paintings,” and she

Interview with Anne Corlett

PRESERVED! Artist Interview Series Anne’s house is located in Saugatuck along a winding road that borders the winding Kalamazoo River. The leafy crowns of the surrounding towering trees fracture the sunlight, so it dances gleefully on the house’s dark wood siding. A wild, blooming garden wraps around

Interview with Steven Hughes

PRESERVED! Artist Interview Series Steven Hughes’ watercolor landscapes are stunningly intricate and detailed; the lakes and streams shimmer and sparkle, the rocks and trees seem to glow, the skies blend vibrant colors and dance with clouds. His portrait drawings are hauntingly beautiful, capturing both an expression and

Interview with Raul Velasco

PRESERVED! Artist Interview Series Raul Velasco is a conceptual photographer, meaning he manipulates photos to tell a story. Most of his work is surreal—a man’s head with birds flying out of it or someone being carried away by balloons. His personal favorite is of him and Chino–his