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Interview with Sally Jenks

PRESERVED! Artist Interview Series On a tree-lined street decorated with colorful gardens sits a blue house with a big bay window. The old home has been restored to a timeless elegance thanks to the hard work of the artist who lives there. Sally Jenks may be known...

Interview with Randi Ford

PRESERVED! Artist Interview Series Art was always nearby for Randi Ford. “Originally, when I was growing up, I was into the musical arts.” she says. “My grandma was a painter, and my father was an architect and product designer, so I had some artistic background. But it...

Interview with Jeff Blumberg

PRESERVED! Artist Interview Series Jeff is a tall man with a long ponytail and more than one silver earring adornment. He looks like a former engineer, who fell in love with photography and bartends in his spare time, which is good, because that’s exactly what he is. It...

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