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Letter from the Executive Director

Fall is my favorite time of year, and observing the changing season got me thinking about nature and the transitions that occur in the natural world. In the autumn, plants move their energy into their roots in preparation for the period of rest ahead. The

April Scholtz and her husband John stand before a lake at Ottawa Sands County Park

Land Protection Director April Scholtz retires

The Land Conservancy of West Michigan would not be the organization it is today without April Scholtz, who retired this spring after a nearly 30-year tenure as its Land Protection Director.    April was the Land Conservancy’s first and longest-serving employee. She was hired as LCWM’s

Letter from the Executive Director

In preparation for this newsletter, I have been ruminating on the duality of fire.  I am in awe of the two faces of this elemental wonder. It has the capacity to bring life back to depleted landscapes and, when left untended, the ability to consume

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