Capturing West Michigan’s natural areas through art and conservation

With the sweep of a brush or click of a camera, a moment and a place in time is preserved. It is through art that we understand the past and inspire the future. And it is through conservation that the special natural areas that surround us in West Michigan are preserved forever for future generations to visit and enjoy. Through Preserved!, the Land Conservancy of West Michigan partners with local artists to raise awareness of the importance of conserving West Michigan’s natural areas.

Preserved! is an opportunity for artists, nature lovers, and the greater community to join together to experience and celebrate the land that surrounds us in West Michigan. Together, we can further preserve these special places for future generations.

The 2019 Preserved! show featured the work of 16 Michigan artists. The public viewed and purchased the artists’ pieces at two October exhibitions. Those who attended the unique opening receptions for each exhibition had a first chance to take home pieces capturing the beauty of places like Flower Creek Dunes Nature Preserve, The Highlands, Saul Lake Bog and more. All registration and art sales benefited the Land Conservancy. Read about the artists who participated in this edition of Preserved! below.

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