A Timeline of Change at Lamberton Lake Fen

A Timeline of Change at Lamberton Lake Fen

Last summer, we asked visitors to several of our nature preserves to take and send photographs from particular locations, so that we could track the changes. We’ve been receiving photos from you through social media and by email for the past 8 months now, and already we’ve seen a lot of changes happening. Here’s an update on the amazing changes we’ve seen at Lamberton Lake Fen.

One of the first photos taken after we placed the photo monitoring sign. We have to admit, if felt a little crazy asking people to take photos of an impenetrable wall of invasive glossy buckthorn.

In the fall, a workgroup from Grand Valley State University came to help remove some Glossy Buckthorn. After a hard day of work, the view from the trail is almost unrecognizable.

Fall comes to Lamberton Lake Fen. We’re still amazed at the view after many years that is was hidden by the buckthorn.

The trees lose their leaves, but a blue sky reflects on the stream and the lake.

Snow covers the dormant grasses in the fen. We can’t wait to see the new native plants spring up in a few months!

More buckthorn was removed from the fen during our January Second Saturday Workday, providing even a better view of the fen on a gray January day.

Stay tuned for more updates from our photo monitoring project this summer as we the seasons continue to change and as more restoration work changes the views at our other preserves.

P.S. Thank you to everyone who sent in their photos from Lamberton Lake Fen, Maas Family Nature Preserve, Saul Lake Bog, Wege Foundation Natural Area, and B.D. White Nature Preserve!


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