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Overcoming Oak Wilt

It was confirmed: oak wilt had claimed the lives almost all the red and black oaks across this section of woods. Oak wilt is a disease caused by the non-native fungus Ceratocystis fagacearum, and is lethal to oak trees. But as devastating as oak wilt...

A Day on the Burn Crew

Long before the state of Michigan was made up of a patchwork of geometric farm fields, sprawling cities, meandering highways, and stretches of forest, the state was made up mostly of a dynamic mixture of three landscapes--prairie, oak savanna, and oak forest. Those habitats shifted...

Stewardship Workday at Flower Creek Dunes (Second Saturday)

Details Time to get to work on one of our newest nature preserve additions! This will be the first summer for the new addition at Flower Creek Dunes Nature Preserve. Over the winter, a cottage was removed from a high point on the dunes and soon new...

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