Bradford Dickinson White Nature Preserve

Located near Lowell, the B.D. White Nature Preserve is a natural landscape legacy. With rolling terrain, a cold water stream, and a meandering trail, the preserve provides habitat for a multitude of wildlife and serves as a natural area for people to enjoy and learn.

Brower Lake Nature Preserve

Overlooking Brower Lake near Rockford, this preserve protects rare bog and oak barrens ecosystems. The land provides quality habitat for a multitude of wildlife and provides people with a quiet natural landscape for hiking and nature study.

Cascade Peace Park

This natural area in Cascade Township features a beautiful hardwood forest and a small stream and wetlands that feed the Grand River.

Castle Park Nature Reserve

Castle Park Reserve protects nearly 400 feet of undeveloped Lake Michigan shoreline in a designated Critical Dune area. Together with Dune Pines Nature Preserve and an adjacent privately-held conservation easement, Castle Park Reserve is part of a natural area that protects more than 50 acres

DePersia South Highlands Nature Preserve

Nestled just south of Grand Haven, DePersia South Highlands Nature Preserve offers a small pocket of natural beauty along the Lake Michigan shoreline. Forested dunes like the ones found at DePersia provide critical habitat for wildflowers, reptiles, and migratory birds.

Dune Pines Nature Preserve

Located just south of Holland, Dune Pines Nature Preserve protects a forested dune ecosystem. A loop trail leads hikers through rolling backdunes that feature mature trees and good opportunities for viewing birds and other wildlife.

Flower Creek Dunes Nature Preserve

Located in northern Muskegon County, Flower Creek Dunes Nature Preserve protects unspoiled dune habitat along the lakeshore. A boardwalk leading to an overlook provides panoramic views of Lake Michigan and the surrounding dunes.

Huyser Farm Park

This little-known park features a hardwood-pine forest with mature tulip trees. There are also pockets of wetlands and in the northwest there is an open “blow-sand” area that is a good reminder of how the land was left after the logging era.

Kuker-Van Til Nature Preserve

Located just north of Holland, Kuker-Van Til Nature Preserve protects natural land in a highly developed area. A loop trail leads hikers through a variety of habitats: young oak forests, mature hardwood swamps, and open sandy dunes.

Lake Breeze Nature Preserve

Just south of Pentwater, Lake Breeze Nature Preserve protects a diverse coastal forest and pristine vernal wetlands. A stone’s throw from Lake Michigan, the preserve is a quiet haven for wildflowers, wildlife, and nature lovers alike.

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