Author:Vaughn Maatman, Executive Director

Coastal Dunes Across the Globe

We tend to think there’s nothing like our Lake Michigan coastal dunes. Not so. Coastal dunes are found throughout the world, providing a wide variety of dune forms, shapes and ecosystems. This summer, faculty and students from the Departments of Geologic and Environmental Sciences and Mathematics...

It’s Dark Sky Week

In my previous job, working for a nonprofit in Northern Michigan, I lived on a dirt road ten miles outside of any population center. When walking outside at night, I was immersed in the inkiest black of night – until I looked skyward. Free of...

The job of protecting the places we love is never done

[caption id="attachment_3560" align="alignright" width="300"] Flower Creek Dunes Nature preserve along the Lake Michigan shoreline in Muskegon County.[/caption] One of Emily Dickinson’s poems begins: “I dreaded that first robin so…” That first robin cannot come soon enough for me. I love the four seasons, including winter, and love...

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