Author: Colin Hoogerwerf, Communications Director

Meet Joe Engel

The Land Conservancy of West Michigan is excited to introduce Joe Engel, who will be starting as the new Executive Director in July. A native of Muskegon, Joe spent much of his youth exploring the dunes and shoreline just over the hill from his back

Cutting Trees for Love of Forests

I was taught early in my life to love trees. I have been called a tree hugger many times and I have found a few occasions to actually hug trees. My love of trees led easily to a love of long uninterrupted forest. Forests, being

Prairie Meditations at Saul Lake Bog

A winter visit to Saul Lake Bog Nature Preserve There aren’t many bogs near Grand Rapids and Saul Lake Bog has everything a good bog needs. It has insectivorous plants, those fantastical species that lure insects with their sweetness and devour them for their nutrients. It

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