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We have great news.

Pending final approval from the state legislature, the Natural Resources Trust Fund has recommended the full $3.8 million grant to complete acquisition of the Ottawa Sands property. With your help, the Land Conservancy raised $397,000—well over our original $200,000 goal—in additional public funds.

We asked you to show your support for this beautiful stretch of land, and you answered resoundingly. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you.

About Ottawa Sands

Along the banks of the Grand River, just upstream from Grand Haven’s famous musical fountain, along a cut-out in the river known as “the sag,” is a mysterious mile of shoreline that has been off-limits to the public for many decades.

The mysterious property above is 345 acres and sits in between the Kitchel Lindquist Hartger Dune Preserve and Ottawa County’s 513 acre North Ottawa Dunes natural area. The site has long been used for sand mining and has been off-limits to the public, but now, for the first time, and with your help, the public could finally have the opportunity to see the natural beauty this property holds.

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